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DIRECT LINE®’s rotary design provides higher density by storing twice the files in the same space and increasing productivity by bringing the files to the user. It also affords locking capability to meet the latest HIPPA requirements. Rotary filing systems can also be used for mixed filing applications to maximize all ones storage requirements, and the system can be added to or expanded into a bigger storage system.

Shelf Filing

By and large shelf filing applications dominate the use for the Rotary File. The demands for maximum (decentralized) “point of use” filing capacities is growing daily and the Rotary File is today’s best answer for that challenge.

Drawer Filing

All filing and / or storage requirements are not always accomplished with shelves. Frequently the ability to store files and other items in a drawer is paramount. The Rotary is up to the task. With numerous drawer designs available in tandem with almost unlimited drawer placement options and adjustability, the Rotary File dominates any other drawer file product on the market.

Mixed Media Filing

When the need arises to store both folders and pendaflex, videos as well as binders or some other combination demanding both drawers and shelves the Rotary File will, once again, be there to solve the problem. The real beauty of this feature is that the Rotary File will change as often as need be. Simply replace any internal components as needed as often as you wish.


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