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L&T 4 post shelving is your first choice for affordable end tab filing. When speedy and accurate filing is critical, the convenient open shelf design of L&T enables the users to store and retrieve files with east. Allowing maximum visibility and accessibility.

L&T is recommended for small to large systems with high activity flow. Low cost L&T shelving adjusts to the changing demand of your organization’s storage and record-keeping requirements. L&T literally snaps together in minutes for quick installation, easy expansion or reconfiguration.

L&T is available as stationary units or can be added to a mobile or lateral track system for even greater space of utilization. Available with a full line of accessories, L&T systems are also available for Heavy Duty Storage, Library, Xray and Open Filing applications.

Basic Standard Colors

These two popular finishes are subject to standard lead times.

Additional Standard Colors

The Standard finishes shown below offer a wide range of today’s designer colors at an extended lead time.

Textured Colors

Choose from the following textured finishes below which offer a unique look and feel to any environment.


L&T Library Brochure
L&T Heavy Duty Brochure
L&T X-Ray Brochure
L&T Open Shelf Filing System Brochure
L&T Shelving System Brochure