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No matter what industry you’re in, chances are you need a secure place to store your equipment and materials. Whether your line of work is medical, law enforcement or industrial, we can provide a locker for you. We carry lockers from multiple manufacturers, including Tennsco and List Industries.


Tennsco lockers are built to be durable – and quiet. The heavy-duty steel construction stands up to the toughest use while rubber bumpers, door stiffeners, and locking channels cushioned with rugged polymer materials work together to virtually eliminate that old clanging and banging. All Tennsco lockers feature a lightweight, low friction latching mechanism which opens easier and smoother than traditional latches. And locker handles are recessed inside the door face, not only giving a smooth, finished look, but also making Tennsco lockers vandal resistant and safer than easily broken, protruding handles. Tennsco lockers are available in an assortment of colors to blend in with conservative designs or stand out as part of a bold color scheme. The high grade powder-coated finish will maintain its crisp good looks through years of everyday use.

List Industries

List Industries offers a huge selection of lockers for your office, school, home, warehouse, or facility. Nearly unlimited options for lockers, find metal lockers, wood lockers and plastic lockers of all types and for all applications. Emergency Response Lockers, Sport and Athletic Lockers, School and Corridor Lockers, Corrosion Resistant Lockers – We have Lockers for the medical field, or lockers for material handling.

Some of the many lockers we can provide:

Metal Lockers

These include athletic lockers, corridor lockers, corrosion resistant lockers, antimicrobial lockers or whatever you need. Some of our manufactures even produce locker design to fit your specifications.

Wood Lockers

Wood Lockers are furniture grade quality, premium lockers for a variety of uses including: sport lockers, open-front athletic wood lockers, hybrid metal and wood lockers, and custom club wood lockers. Wood lockers can be fitted with most of the same accessories available for metal lockers, such as combination locks, digital locks, and padlocks.

Aquamax Plastic Lockers

Plastic Lockers are waterproof, corrosion resistant, and in most cases, chemical resistant, making plastic lockers ideal for situations where moisture is prevalent.

Bulk Storage Lockers

BSL – Bulk Storage Lockers act as modular storage units. Use Bulk Storage Lockers in your basement, or garage and also work very will in an industrial warehouse. heavy-duty hinges and lock hasp keeps your contents secure, add a padlock of your choice to keep contents locked and safe. Use repair angles to modify installation and allow for duct work, pipes, or other obstructions.


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