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Studies show that the average worker spends up to 60% of their time processing paper. At the same time, companies are cutting costs by shrinking their workspace. With more to organize, less space to do it in, and ever increasing demands for speed, accuracy and security, effectively managing filing and
storage can have a positive impact on your bottom line. Now you can put high-efficiency filing systems and specialized office products to work for you, slashing filing and retrieval times and saving you time and money.

Hi Density

Storage space is a valuable commodity for every business! At Hi-Density™ Spacesaving Systems we strive to build top-quality, high density, mobile storage systems providing you with the Storage you need in the space you have available. We do this by designing and engineering each system to suit your specific needs, allowing you to utilize your space efficiently.

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Space Pro

If you want to upgrade 50% of your current storage and filing space into an open, profit-generating area, our high density, mobile filing systems give you that exciting opportunity. By eliminating aisle ways, our innovative mobile systems allow you to make more money, while you are utilizing your new found space. Our impressive, mobile systems are customized by our CAD specialists, so each system is created for your specific needs down to the detail. Let’s not forget about the organization that these manual, mechanical, and electrical-assisted mobile systems deliver to each client. Files and inventories can be retrieved faster saving your company money and time.

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