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Archival storage can be anything that needs to be stored – medical records, legal documents, financial paperwork. If you’re a business you probably have boxes of these that you need to keep. Even if you’re moving to digital record keeping, most businesses need to store old paper records for a period of time. With so many boxes, you need a system that is easy to use, safe and doesn’t take up too much space. At Benchmark Filing and Shelving Systems, we can help you tame the paper tiger and create a system for storing your archives.

Below are two of the manufacturers with systems to meet your needs:

Western Pacific

Rivetier Archive Management Solutions

Long Span Shelving
Aisles can be converted into valuable space by compacting rows of mobile filing into a single aisle configuration. It only gets better. By using high-density storage units you can store more in the same old space, or use less space altogether to store exactly what you’re storing now. That means more space can be freed up for computers, administration, and other areas of your workplace.

Record and File Storage
Whether you need to store a few boxes or fill a warehouse, we can design a record storage solution to fit your needs. From open file shelving in your office to archive boxes in the backroom. Records can be stored with either accessibility or density as your primary objective. You can also maximize your space by growing up with a mezzanine multilevel system that utilizes Record and File Storage.

These open shelf units allow items to be clearly visible and easily referenced for quick access. They greatly reduce retrieval time by eliminating the need to open and close drawers. Moreover, our shelving utilizes vertical space that other filing and storage equipment often ignores.

We can increase your storage capacity by as much as 100%, or save you as much as 50% of your floor space. Files remain ready for quick and easy retrieval. And installation is quick and easy.

Steel Clip Shelving: Archive

Closed Units
Closed Shelving includes added metal backing and side panels to provide ideal containment and storage continuity. Not only are they rigid and durable structures that will last and grow with your business, but the enclosed nature of the units provides added cleanliness for stored items. Even more, they can be customized with your own end panel surfaces to match your décor, making them ideal for front office use.

Hybrid Archive Management solutions

Custom Healthcare Solutions
Our product lines’ unlimited flexibility provides a custom fit for all your healthcare applications. We can easily unify our product offerings to make the perfect solution that meets your specific needs.

Custom Legal Solutions
Corrections and law enforcement officials are currently confronting extraordinary increases in arrests, convictions, and inmate populations, along with the accompanying records, files, and evidence, which crowd already limited space for workers and other materials. That’s why the flexibility of Pacific enables custom designed storage solutions fit for all of your legal storage needs, providing you with twice the storage capacity your conventional storage offers.


Q Line Shelving

Q line shelving is created for those storage applications that require strength and versatility. Tennsco’s design features a combination of heavy duty steel shelves and solid beam box construction that increase load bearing capacity up to 1,000 pounds. Q line shelving is easily adaptable and is available in 135 different arrangements depending on what height, width, and depth you choose. Also, Q line is available in open, closed, and bin style units and also can fit into mezzanine systems. Units can be used separately or joined together to form a system.

Tennsco’s Q line shelving is the most economical way to store bulky items because each upright set can securely hold 10,000 pounds. All of our Q line shelving is pre-welded for strength and speedy assembly and have beams that use a unique tapered finger design attachment that lock beams safely.

For those extra heavy storage applications, Tennsco’s reinforced steel provides a reinforced shelf capacity of 2,000. Built of 14-gauge and 16-gauge posts and supports, the unit’s superior strength is a perfect fit for storing tires, fixtures, motors, large instruments, machinery, and other heavy materials. All Q lines shelving units offer easy accessibility and have a simple, adaptable design with the strength to hold any or all of your heavy storage.

Z-Line Shelving

When it comes to value without compromising performance you’re talking about Z-Line shelving. Its fastening mechanism combined with a versatile array of components means it fits all your storage needs. The interlocking keyhole design not only makes installation fast and easy but eliminates the need for clips, gussets, sway braces or other hardware necessary with conventional shelving. Without these obstacles you have completely free access from all sides of the unit.

Z-Line’s adaptability makes it ideal for any size storage requirement. Its interchangeable componentry means it can be configured for single width shelving applications or spans up to 96″ wide. It’s a multifaceted system that affordably solves all your storage needs.


Z Line Shelving Brochure

Q Line Shelving Brochure