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Archival Records

Archival storage can be anything that needs to be stored – medical records, legal documents, financial paperwork. If you’re a business you probably have boxes of these that you need to keep. Even if you’re moving to digital record keeping, most businesses need to store old paper records for a period of time. With so many boxes, you need a system that is easy to use, safe and doesn’t take up too much space. At Benchmark Filing and Shelving Systems, we can help you tame the paper tiger and create a system for storing your archives.

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Custom Storage

Your storage needs should be tailored to the application. Here at Benchmark Filing and Shelving Systems, we pride ourselves in having direct sales to some of the largest Oil and Gas companies and law firms in the United States; as well as the heart of the medical community. Customizing storage systems is our specialty, and we know what questions to ask to allow you to maximize your storage area.

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Evidence Storage

One of the most important things that can be stored is evidence. Improper storage of evidence can have extreme consequences. At Benchmark Filing and Storage Solutions, we are dedicated to helping law enforcement find the best solutions for your evidence storage needs.

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High Density Mobile Filing

Studies show that the average worker spends up to 60% of their time processing paper. At the same time, companies are cutting costs by shrinking their workspace. With more to organize, less space to do it in, and ever increasing demands for speed, accuracy and security, effectively managing filing and storage can have a positive impact on your bottom line. Now you can put high-efficiency filing systems and specialized office products to work for you, slashing filing and retrieval times and saving you time and money.

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No matter what industry you’re in, chances are you need a secure place to store your equipment and materials. Whether your line of work is medical, law enforcement or industrial, we can provide a locker for you. We carry lockers from multiple manufacturers, including Tennsco and List Industries.

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L&T Shelving

L&T Shelving is the most comprehensive shelving system of its kind. The built-in versatility of L&T Shelving offers the ability to handle any type of filing or storage requirement at any time! L&T Shelving is the versatile, cost-effective and low-cost solution to all your storage requirements. Whether it’s office record filing, healthcare record filing, industrial storage or periodical/book storage — L&T Shelving is the right choice.

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Wire Shelving

From medical catheter carts to all of your food service needs, for all of your wire shelving needs, we carry Nexel. Their Space Trac system provides a customizable solution, which we can turn into the perfect system for you. We offer convenient online order but are always just a phone call away should you need to talk to someone.

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DIRECT LINE®’s rotary design provides higher density by storing twice the files in the same space and increasing productivity by bringing the files to the user. It also affords locking capability to meet the latest HIPPA requirements. Rotary filing systems can also be used for mixed filing applications to maximize all ones storage requirements, and the system can be added to or expanded into a bigger storage system.

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Times-2™ is a compact storage system which rotates for fast access from either side, and gives double the depth for more multimedia storage. Unlike ordinary lateral files, the special rotary cabinet design takes space planning to a whole new level. You can save space, divide space, and place Times-2™ where no ordinary lateral cabinet can go.

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Used Systems

We provide top of the line filing systems at a reasonable cost to dealers from coast to coast and to clients that recognize the value of buying and selling preowned. When businesses go digital or relocate, their file systems are often no longer needed! Dealers will view this as an opportunity to recycle high quality systems. Many clients will seize this opportunity to cut their costs, allowing them to use those savings elsewhere in their budgets.

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