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If you want to upgrade 50% of your current storage and filing space into an open, profit-generating area, our high density, mobile filing systems give you that exciting opportunity. By eliminating aisle ways, our innovative mobile systems allow you to make more money, while you are utilizing your new found space. Our impressive, mobile systems are customized by our CAD specialists, so each system is created for your specific needs down to the detail. Let’s not forget about the organization that these manual, mechanical, and electrical-assisted mobile systems deliver to each client. Files and inventories can be retrieved faster saving your company money and time.

Files are easily accessible with the press of a keypad button on our electrical-assisted, mobile system, and the mechanical-assisted, mobile system opens with just a twist of the wrist. All the mobile, filing systems DIRECT LINE® creates invite any kind of shelving whether it is new or existing, so say goodbye to bulky, stationary shelving and get moving with our mobiles today!

To learn more about the high density mobile filing systems -SPACEPRO™ individual mobile styles, applications, specifications and newest advancements; please select from the following choices.

SPACEPRO™ Manual Mobile

SPACEPRO™’s manual mobile shelving systems are the perfect fit for businesses that need smaller filing and storage applications. Our manual mobile solutions can be easily opened with the push of a handle and can incorporate most any type of shelving or storage device. Our end panels are skillfully designed to give the outside of the mobile system a beautifully crafted shell that conceals all your filing and storage in the most organized way.

SPACEPRO™ Manual Brochure
SPACEPRO™ Manual Installation
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SPACEPRO™ Mechanical Mobile

Mechanical assist systems feature full-length drive shafts. By turning the handle, the chain drive transfers power to the drive shaft moving all drive wheels throughout the carriage simultaneously. This prevents racking of carriages. A simple chain tensioning device provides infinite chain adjustment for trouble-free use. Manually moved carriages are also available for smaller systems.
SPACEPRO™ uniquely designed mechanical assist handle affords effortless carriage movement. By grasping and turning one of the three rotating knobs, users can easily move multiple carriages at one time. The die cast aluminum construction and powder coat finish provide a combination of aesthetics and durability suitable for high-end office environments or heavy industrial work settings.

SPACEPRO™ Mechanical Brochure
SPACEPRO™ Mechanical Installation

SpacePro™ Electric Mobile

SpacePro™’s most innovative and security-minded invention is the high density, electric mobile system. Our electric mobile solution is creatively designed to be installed both in a new mobile system or an existing mechanical mobile. The revenue-generating product’s sleek design simultaneously stores and protects storage and filing, while giving the owner 50% more workspace in their current space.

Our electrical assisted mobile system is easy to use as it is run by a computerized control system and one touch programming. Our one touch programming allows the owner to open, close, and create aisle ways at the touch of a keypad. Security features including PIR motion detectors, distance sensors, entry detection system, and photo electric safety sweeps allow carriages to safely open and close without damaging property or hurting personnel. The system will cease when it detects movement or even a change in temperature between the system’s aisle ways.

SpacePro™’s electric mobile is so technologically advanced that it was created with computer interface capability, so companies could directly link their LAN for security, inventory, and tracking purposes. If you need more space, heightened security for your filing and storage needs, and a shelving system that will correspond with the day-to-day activities of your business, our electric mobile system is a perfect fit for you and your company.

Electrical Assist Brochure
Electrical Assist Specifications