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Storage space is a valuable commodity for every business! At Hi-Density™ Spacesaving Systems we strive to build top-quality, high density, mobile storage systems providing you with the Storage you need in the space you have available. We do this by designing and engineering each system to suit your specific needs, allowing you to utilize your space efficiently.

There are many uses for High Density Spacesaving Systems such as, moveable Weapons Storage for the Military high density storage systems, Police Evidence and weapons high density storage systems. Moveable weapons storage for first responders, moveable weapons storage for Homeland Security. Some Air Force Installations are using Moveable Weapons storage for Long Rifle and Hand Gun Storage. High density filing systems are used for High density Mobile filing for Corporation and Legal Filing. Rolling filing systems are used for medical records. Mobile storage systems are also used for x-ray files. High density moveable storage and filing systems can be used for virtually any storage application that can be stored or filed on shelving. Museums also use high density storage and filing systems for storing artifacts, antique weapons, Books and Complete Libraries.

Hi-Density Spacesaving Systems let you store or file twice as much in the same space or the same amount in about half of the space. High density storage systems turn aisle space into storage space by having the compact shelving move into the aisle space and only use one aisle space for each moveable shelving module. By using high density mobile storage systems it saves space, therefore saving on heating, cooling, and lighting requirements. It can mean that you don’t have to add on to your building. When planning a building by using compact shelving and filing systems you can save on the size of the building, thus reducing the cost of the building.

High density Spacesaving Systems can be used for virtually any application, mobile storage and filing systems can be designed to fit almost any space or floor plan. When designing a building, even though Mobile high density storage and filing may not be necessary, it is best to plan for the future use of high density Spacesaving systems. By using high density storage and Spacesaving systems it helps companies, institutions and government agencies go GREEN. So please plan ahead and Specify Hi-Density Spacesaving Systems. The highest quality, high density system on the market.

Limited Lifetime Warranty:
Subject to the conditions stated below, Hi-Density Spacesaving Systems warrants to the original purchaser exclusively that the mobile carriages(structural Frames) manufactured by Hi-Density will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the structural frames. For the purpose of the warranty, structural frames shall be deemed to exclude all moving parts, controls and guides that have immediate contact with any moving parts.

10 Year Limited Warranty:
Hi-Density Spacesaving Systems warrants that all equipment, other than structural frames and motors shall be free from any defects in materials and workmanship for a ten year period from the date of purchase. All parts are included at no cost for the ten year warranty period. Labor is included at no cost thru the second year of the ten year warranty. All labor will be charged at the current rate after the second year of the ten year warranty.

This warranty is only in effect as long as all maintenance and repair has been made by a factory authorized Hi-Density representative. This warranty does not apply to any defects or damage caused (a) acts of God or other circumstances beyond Hi-Density’s control, (b) improper installation (unless installed by a Hi-Density factory authorized installer), (c) improper electrical supply or environmental conditions, (d) improper maintenance, operation or storage, (e) other than normal use or service.

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