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FireKing provides a full line of fireproof file cabinets and safes to fit every filing requirement, every space constraint, and every budget.

Fire proof file cabinets are what every business needs in order to protect their precious files. As in any market, there are thousands of brands out there that offer you many things. There are many kinds of file cabinets from different kinds of manufacturers assuring you the safety of your documents. How do you know which name to trust?

For over 50 years, FireKing files and safes have been protecting millions of dollars of vital information throughout the world. FireKing fire proof file cabinets are the standard when it comes to protecting your important documents. No matter how much files you need to protect or no matter how much protection you need, FireKing has what you are looking for, including lateral files, vertical files, FireKing 25 files, two-hour rated files, signature series files, turtle files, card-check-note files, protection plus files, file cabinet accessories, international series files, card-check-note accessories, and file lock options. All these have specific designs that are not only built for aesthetic reasons but also pragmatic. FireKing strives to combine design, use, and ultimate protection so that you can have file cabinets that do not only do their jobs well but are also a welcome accessory in your office.

So when it comes to your hunt for the name that you can trust when it comes to fire proof file cabinets, you only need to remember one name- FireKing Security Group.

Standard and Custom Flat Color Finishes

The color chart on the right shows our standard colors available for most FireKing files.

In addition to the premium finishes shown above, we can provide custom finishes in over 16,000 flat colors. Ask your sales representative about any sort of custom finish you need. An upcharge may apply to custom finish orders.

NOTE: Colors are not an exact match please contact customer service if matching a specific color.


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