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Fasco Security Products manufactures the highest quality gun lockers, evidence security lockers, and security gun cabinets. These high security products protect contents and ensure that the weapons & evidence securely pass thru only the proper hands. Fasco Security Products are used by all types of law enforcement, military, and government officers, such as those working for the CIA, FBI, and US Customs & Homeland Security. Each police locker is specifically designed for use in law enforcement, including high security jails and prisons, courtrooms, police stations & evidence rooms.

Each product is designed specifically for the law enforcement environment. Our engineers have over 20 years of experience in designing high security products for jails & prisons, law enforcement & military applications.

Fasco Security Products developed their Pistol Lockers, High Security Gun Cabinets, Long Gun & Rifle Cabinets, Pass Thru Security Devices and Evidence Lockers to best serve the specific needs of Law Enforcement agencies. Law enforcement personnel have special needs, including:

  • Safety – The personal safety of all law enforcement officers is vitally important for all agencies. Fasco leads the industry in supplying storage units that are constructed from heavy gauge steel with locking systems that ensure safe storage of guns, specialized equipment and evidence.
  • Security – Fasco has been providing the most secure gun lockers and evidence lockers on the market for decades. Each unit is designed for the ideal balance of content security and authorized accessibility. From the heavy duty arc welded steel construction to the highly secure locking mechanisms and mounting systems, all Fasco’s law enforcement products are guaranteed to perform effectively.
  • Content Integrity – Fasco Security Products not only provides safe and secure storage of guns, equipment, and evidence, they offer the assurance that the integrity of the stored contents is preserved. High quality felt is used to line pistol lockers and rifle storage to protect the finish on each weapon. Evidence lockers are designed to carefully guard against tampering or contamination of the secured contents.
  • Efficiency – We understand the challenges that most law enforcement agencies face in regards to limited facility space and budget resources. We work with our clients to develop storage solutions that will respect budget constraints and space limitations without sacrificing the safety and security required.

Secure Storage Offerings for Law Enforcement

Pistol Lockers

Pistol lockers from Fasco Security Products are available in a variety of standard and custom sizes and configurations. Unlike other gun lockers on the market, all Fasco pistol lockers are manufactured with heavy gauge steel that has been welded with electronic arc technology for increased security and

High Security Gun Cabinets

Fasco Security Products specializes in providing high security gun cabinets that protect equipment while preventing any unauthorized access. Fasco’s gun cabinets are constructed from heavy gauge steel for strength and durability. High security locks are individually and master keyed for optimal controlled access. Pistol and rifle compartments and rifle racks are sized to accommodate the gun styles preferred by today’s law enforcement officers and are lined with felt in order to provide the ideal storage environment.

Long Gun & Rifle Cabinets

Secure storage options for long guns and rifles are available from Fasco Security Products. Fasco’s cabinets are built using 16 gauge formed cold rolled steel for the walls, doors, and hinges, providing superior strength and defense against tampering. Rifle lockers can be secured to a floor or may be wall mounted. Any of our gun lockers can be integrated into a multi-weapon system for secure storage of a variety of weapon types.

Police Evidence Lockers

The secure transfer and storage of evidence is an important responsibility handled by law enforcement agencies. Fasco Security Products has developed a line of highly secure evidence lockers specifically suited for the controlled access required for evidence in law enforcement facilities. Keyless pass thru and non pass thru lockers are available. All compartments are constructed from heavy gauge steel that has been arc welded for structural integrity and finished with piano hinges and to prevent unauthorized access or contamination. Fasco Security Products’ line of stainless steel refrigerator inserts provide secure storage inside existing refrigeration units for the protection of temperature sensitive evidence.


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