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Good teams know that winning games takes more than talent, it also takes a well-designed strategy. So too does winning the contest against disorganization and clutter—and we are the pros who can lead your team to triumph over your storage challenges. We offer a range of lockers from top manufacturers, including lockers that are vandal and theft resistant and designed to reduce accidents caused by protruding handles. For those items that need to be stacked on shelves, we offer a wide range of customizable wire shelving options. Contact us to help you develop your winning storage game plan.

Business Solutions

The average worker spends up to 60% of their time processing paper. Your business needs a storage solution that saves you time and money—and the storage experts at Benchmark know how to create a solution that is ideal for your company’s needs. Perhaps the solution you need is DIRECT LINE®’s rotary design system that brings the files to the user and stores twice as many files. Or it could be the Times-2TM, a compact, double-depth, rotating cabinet that allows access from either side. Or maybe you need a combination of those systems and other solutions, such as our archiving, lockers, or wire systems. Whatever your storage needs are, we can accommodate you.


Industrial-grade storage challenges demand industrial-grade solutions. Benchmark builds storage systems to meet your unique needs. Whether you need a Hi-Density storage solution to handle massive quantities of documents, floor-to-ceiling pallet racks optimized for your warehouse, or specialty lockers, we can help. With almost 20 years of industry experience, our experts understand not only how to design a system to meet your space needs, we also understand important considerations such as fire codes and ADA codes.


Educational institutions face many complex challenges—storing your items does not have to be one of them. In the nearly 20 years that we have been in the storage industry, we have learned a lot and have become experts in solving the complex storage challenges that educational institutions face. Our assortment of lockers can protect and store equipment. Our Rotary and Times-2TM systems can be customized to handle document storage. From storing heavy-duty items to protecting sensitive legal documents in a secure archive, our experts can design a solution for you. We also offer pre-owned equipment to clients who prefer the value of that option.


Melvil Dewey understood the importance of having a place for everything—and so do we. Our Mobile Hi-Density Spacesaving systems are a versatile and customizable solution that uses half the space of traditional storage units. Our Times-2TM system’s compact, rotary design combines compact storage with easy access and is perfect for binders, periodicals, digital media, and much more. Our archival solutions can protect precious documents and other items that need to be preserved. To research all of the other ways we can help you, please contact us.


Your healthcare organization should not have to suffer with a storage malady. The storage experts at Benchmark can meet with you to discuss your needs and create a solution that leaves your organization free of storage problems. Times-2™’s rotary design system is a high-density storage solution that makes files convenient to access while also being securable to comply with the latest HIPPA requirements. Mobile storage systems can be used in many ways, such as for storing x-ray files. We can create customized solutions for any need, whether it is securing medical supplies, lockers for personnel, shelving for your cafeteria, or anything else. Contact us for a free consultation.

Military and Public Safety

Protecting and serving the public requires a wide range of equipment and paperwork, each with its own storage needs. At Benchmark, we understand this and can work with you to design a solution that satisfies your space, ease of access, and security needs. For example, our lockers are available in several materials—from waterproof plastic to tough steel—and can be used for storing equipment or as personnel lockers. Our customizable Hi-Density System is versatile enough to be used as a Police Evidence storage system, a Mobile Weapons Storage System, or for efficiently storing large quantities of virtually anything. Times-2™’s rotary design system is a customizable solution for storing documents and media that need to be easily accessible. Contact us for a storage solution that will bring you peace of mind.