Storage space is a valuable commodity for every business! At Hi-Density™ Spacesaving Systems we strive to build top-quality, high density, mobile storage systems providing you with the Storage you need in the space you have available. We do this by designing and engineering each system to suit your specific needs, allowing you to utilize your space efficiently.

Tennsco offers a wide variety of filing and storage systems, steel office furniture, industrial and institutional shelving, lockers and shop equipment. Our broad product line, with its legendary durability, is designed to meet the needs of countless users for years to come.

Fasco Security Products manufactures the highest quality gun lockers, evidence security lockers, and security gun cabinets. These high security products protect contents and ensure that the weapons & evidence securely pass thru only the proper hands. Fasco Security Products are used by all types of law enforcement, military, and government officers.

If it’s important enough to save, keep it in a FireKing

FireKing provides a full line of fireproof file cabinets and safes to fit every filing requirement, every space constraint, and every budget. For over 50 years, FireKing files and safes have been protecting millions of dollars of vital information throughout the world.

For more than 20 years, Western Pacific Storage Systems has experienced the long-term growth that now firmly establishes the company as both trusted supplier and trusted advisor to some of the world’s largest corporations.

List Industries Inc. designs and manufactures outstanding Superior® lockers, cabinets, gates and shelving that range from fully-framed all-welded athletic & sport lockers, to kd economy lockers. With all of our customizable options, we can proudly offer the best lockers for any situation.

The experts at Aurora know your storage needs are varied. That’s why we offer a full line of products and years of experience to give you thoughtful space planning, efficient storage, and unique solutions that are truly a value.

NEXEL Industries is a major international producer of storage and handling equipment. Nexel products are used extensively in the food service, health care, industrial and commercial markets.

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We are a multi-product distributor of new and used filing an shelving equipment. We represent products such as high density mobile systems, lateral track systems, a variety of shelving styles such as L&T file, stack, library and industrial metal, Times 2 files, lockers, back room/ heavy duty storage, fireproof cabinets, mailsorters, pallet rack and more.

Our mobile systems can store up to five times more files in the same space as conventional systems. They can also dramatically improve your office efficiency. We offer solutions for all your office filing and backroom needs. Studies show that the average worker spends up to 60% of their time processing paper. High density mobile filing systems can make filing twice as fast and the savings can be substantial.

Applications for our shelving mobile systems include storage for Offices, Hospitals, Athletic Equipment, Military, Law Enforcement agencies, HIPPA Records, Libraries, Weapons, Law Firms, Museums, Pharmacy’s. and more.

We are a one stop shop experienced in designing, moving, installing and servicing filing and shelving equipment. Our goal is to provide the best customer service and working relationship; a combination that works well for you.